This changelog will be kept up-to-date each time a new version has been released to every client. It will show off new features & enhancements, as well as bug fixes.

For assistance with manager and server training, as well as usage of this service, please download this Quick Reference Guide and distribute to the manager(s) at your location: MyGCOnline-QRG

v3.1.1 (11/14/2019):

  1. (Improvement) Added Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Cookie Policy links
  2. (Improvement) Cleanup ‘Service Fee’ feature when not in use
  3. (Improvement) Changed disclaimer verbiage on email receipts
  4. (Improvement) Various security improvements
  5. (Improvement) Lowered “Recipient Message” field character count to 100 characters
  6. (Bugfix) Various bug fixes

v3.1 (10/14/2019):

  1. (Improvement) Site receives copies of all emails now (customer, recipient and site emails)
  2. (Improvement) Added the ability to change the heading text color in HEX value
  3. (Improvement) Added the ability to change the navbar background color in HEX value
  4. (Improvement) Added the ability to choose a ‘light’ or ‘dark’ scheme for default body text and link color
  5. (Improvement) Styling Improvements
  6. (Bugfix) Various bug fixes

v3.0 (8/13/2019):

  1. (Feature) – UI/UX Redesign!!
  2. (Feature) – Ability to set a ‘Service Fee’ that is passed on to the customer. If you sell both physical and eGift cards, you can set a different service fee for each type
  3. (Improvement) – ‘Gift Card Amount’ and ‘Total Amount’ fields reflect new “Service Fee” feature in payment portal
  4. (Improvement) – Added ‘Service Fee’ field to payment portal transactions and reports
  5. (Improvement) – Added character counter to “Recipient Message” field
  6. (Improvement) – Updated base code
  7. (Improvement) – Fully switched to ‘Gmail™’ authentication for all email routing to improve issues with receipts going to Spam/Junk
  8. (Improvement) – Further detailed error reporting
  9. (Improvement) – Updated “Warning” message about e-mail address’

v2.2 (02/01/2019):

  1. (Feature) – Added ‘Recipient E-Mail Address’ field to the payment portal
  2. (Improvement) – If credit card payment is declined, eGift Card sale is now voided instead of redeemed
  3. (Improvement) – More detailed error reporting
  4. (Improvement) – Reformatted ‘Billing Address’ fields
  5. (Improvement) – Added ‘Cancel’ button to clear the form
  6. (Improvement) – Improved styling
  7. (Bugfix) – Fix emails going to Spam for some email clients, such as Gmail and Yahoo

v2.1.1 (12/21/2018):

  1. (Feature) – Added ‘Recipient Name’ and ‘Recipient Message’ fields for physical gift cards (These are available in the payment portal and the site e-mail)
  2. (Feature) – Added ability to sell ONLY physical gift cards
  3. (Improvement) – Removed ‘Current Balance’ field from response page
  4. (Improvement) – Added more information on “Physical Gift Card” response page
  5. (Improvement) – Removed trailing “00” from ‘Amount’ field in all e-mails and response page
  6. (Bugfix) – ‘City Name’ passed twice to payment portal
  7. (Bugfix) – Fixed issue where transactions with matching CC # and amounts would be ignored by the payment portal within a specified time frame

v2.1 (12/10/2018):

  1. (Feature) – Ability to send customers directly to ‘physical’ or ‘egift’ via URL query encoding (eg. ‘’ will auto-select the “Physical” card option)
  2. (Feature) – ‘Gift Card Declines By Date’ report added to payment portal
  3. (Improvement) – ‘Gift Card Sales By Date’ report updated in payment portal
  4. (Improvement) – Add ‘ Payment Method’ field to E-Gift and Physical Site Emails
  5. (Improvement) – Custom Gift Card Type for oneMetrix reporting (separates e-gift cards sales from in-store gift card sales in oneMetrix reports)
  6. (Improvement) – Changed verbage from ‘Virtual Gift Card’ to ‘E-Gift Card’
  7. (Improvement) – Updated recipient & customer e-mail verbage
  8. (Improvement) – Add spacing to top and bottom of logo
  9. (Improvement) – Multiple improvements and added information to all sent e-mails
  10. (Security) – Ignore duplicate transactions with identical credit card number and amount within a preset time period
  11. (Security) – Security enhancements
  12. (Bugfix) – Shipping information formatting in ‘Physical Gift Card Site Email’

v2.0.2 (11/28/2018):

  1. (Feature) – Added ‘Purchased By’ field to the ‘Physical Gift Card Site Receipt E-Mail’
  2. (Improvement) – Updated all frameworks to their latest versions
  3. (Bugfix) – Removed ‘$’ from in front of the ‘Auth Code’ in the ‘Physical Gift Card Site Receipt E-Mail’
  4. (Bugfix) – Form would not process credit card, sell gift card or submit the form data in the Mozilla Firefox web browser

v2.0.1 (11/28/2018):

  1. (Feature) – Added support for different e-mail addresses for the ‘Virtual Gift Card Site Receipt E-Mail” and ‘Physical Gift Card Site Receipt E-Mail’

v2.0 (11/26/2018):

  1. (Feature) – Updated configuration setup to make future version upgrades and debugging seamless
  2. (Feature) – Added support for barcode creation of gift card number(This is on by default. You will be able to disable this, upon request, in a future update)
  3. (Feature) – Added support for physical gift card sales(email sent to restaurant with shipping information, amount of card and contact information for customer)
  4. (Feature) – Added “Gift Card Minimum” amount to be set by client
  5. (Feature) – Added “Gift Card Maximum” amount to be set by client
  6. (Feature) – Added ability for separate logo for emails
  7. (Feature) – Added “Recipient Name” field for further customized recipient delivery
  8. (Improvement) – Error handling & styling
  9. (Improvement) – Styling for desktop, tablet & mobile devices
  10. (Improvement) – Updated configuration file with further customization values to be set by client
  11. (Improvement) – More reporting values passed to payment processing portal
  12. (Improvement) – Removed “Card Type” field from Billing Information
  13. (Improvement) – “Credit Card Number” field auto-formats card number
  14. (Improvement) – “Phone Number” field auto-formats phone number
  15. (Improvement) – Framework loading improvements
  16. (Bugfix) – Gift card could be sold and credit card could be charged without logging transaction to database. Added check for database connection before processing occurs.
  17. (Bugfix) – Several minor bugfixes and enhancements

v1.5 (11/03/2018):

  1. (Feature) – Updated configuration setup to make future version upgrades and debugging seamless
  2. (Bugfix) – Gift card could be sold and credit card could be charged without logging transaction to database. Added check for database connection before processing occurs.

v1.0 (09/01/2018):

  1. (Feature) – Initial Release