Why Online Gift Cards?

We wanted our clients to be able to offer gift cards in multiple different formats across multiple platforms!

Instant Delivery

As soon as the customer clicks "Purchase Gift Card", they instantly receive an e-mail with their activated card information.

Custom Subdomain

Each client gets a customized subdomain(restaurantname.mygconline.com) with their logo, color scheme and address information.


The restaurant has the ability to support these gift cards the exact same way they would with physical gift cards.

MyGCOnline is an online gift card service, created by Everything But The Food, for clients of the onePOS point-of-sale system!

Meet Our Team

Meet the Everything But The Food team who brought MyGCOnline to life!
Travis James

Travis James


Travis is a Senior Technician for Everything But The Food and the main developer behind MyGCO.

Brian Edwards

Brian Edwards


Brian is the CEO of Everything But the Food and the main salesperson for MyGCO.

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